Online Product Research

More than 60% of us now research the products we are going to buy online before purchasing them, and 44% of those start their search through a search engine. On average, North Americans conduct over 12 billion searches per month on the internet. What this means is simple, if a customer can’t find your product

Social Media: Part of the Game, Not the Answer

A recent study published in the United States discovered that 56% of people have some form of social media account. Now I know what you’re thinking—that number actually seems low. Truth is there’s a large portion of the population out there who either aren’t participating, or never have, in the social media revolution. The reasoning

If you’re in it for the money, you shouldn’t be…

In business, we’ve all had that voice of reason tell us at some point that doing it for the money will inevitably result in disappointment.  Now, of course there are anomalies to this but as a general rule, it really couldn’t be more correct.  What history has shown us is that people who simply chase

North Island Report

Recent momentum in the west coast real estate and development industry has made its way to Northern Vancouver Island. Specifically, the Campbell River region has become a significant benefactor of recent market improvements and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.