Social Media

How can you engage your audience.

Everybody has a Facebook page, and anyone can set up a Twitter handle or start up a blog. But can you make these social media feeds do something other than eat up time in your already busy day? Can you get results from online marketing by engaging clients without appearing like paid advertiser pushing products? How can you engage your audience, and have a conversation with them to better understand their wants and needs when it comes to your product? We also understand the tough questions, such as when is social media not the best form of communication? Do you really need multiple feeds, or do you just need one – the right one – to achieve your goal? At CGM we understand the online realm because we work, play and live in it. We know what works, and we know there isn’t some magic wand when it comes to social media. It’s about public relations, and using your accounts to join a community through a professionally managed profile.