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Social Media: Part of the Game, Not the Answer

A recent study published in the United States discovered that 56% of people have some form of social media account. Now I know what you’re thinking—that number actually seems low. Truth is there’s a large portion of the population out there who either aren’t participating, or never have, in the social media revolution. The reasoning for this comes down to a number of different factors  including age, privacy concerns, and many others.

What this means is that social media is still obviously a major driving force for marketing campaigns, but let’s remain clear: it is not the be all and end all many thought it would be. Other forms of traditional media are still highly regarded including, get this, your local newspaper, your local TV station and good ol’ fashioned word of mouth.

Let’s remember in today’s technologically driven age that ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ are great, but if no one comes out to your event or buys your product, those aren’t numbers you can take to the bank. Social media is an important marketing tool, but it’s important to understand the value of specific demographic centric marketing campaigns. Realtors still get most of their clients through walk-ins at open houses, and people still buy a large portion of their products from stores. The tried and tested methods are still there for a reason, so let’s not forget about them because we’re too busy posting about the next best thing.

cgm4Social Media: Part of the Game, Not the Answer
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