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We understand that deadlines only work if they’re met 100 per cent of the time, all of the time. Excuses mean nothing in a fast-paced economy, and we know there are no second chances in the business world, you either capitalize, or you miss out – plain and simple. Our attention to detail is rivaled only by our commitment and guarantee to our clients, making sure we get the job done when you want it done, no exceptions.

Graphic design is an art, and we treat our designers like artists. They work to bring your company’s ideas to life through a unique look that not only catches the eye, but also represents the feel and culture of your business.

Your website can be flashy, it can be vibrant, it can be post-modern contemporary with a splash of abstract to it. But one thing above all else, it needs to be accessible, understandable, and easy to navigate. Walking that fine line is what our graphic designers love to do, and they take pride in building functional art that shows the world you mean business with your business.


    Our competitive advantage is in providing a completely managed service in a highly reliable and timely fashion...

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    Our goal is to build a lasting partnership with you, so as your business grows, we come along for the journey, and can adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

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    Marketing always starts with data and information. Statistical analysis may not sound sexy, but it’s integral to finding out your target audience and their background and demographic makeup.

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    How can you engage your audience, and have a conversation with them to better understand their wants and needs when it comes to your product?

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    The website has become the new front door to your business. Not only does it have to engage potential new clients, but offer insights and information to returning buyers.

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    Search Engine Optimization is all about one thing: how high can we get your website on Google’s search results when people type in key words that directly relate to your business.

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Based on Vancouver Island, CGM is a full-scale firm that provides a comprehensive set of services to companies across Canada. With a diverse team that includes professional backgrounds in strategic marketing, publishing, web development, graphic design and content creation we have the ability to take on projects of all scope and size.

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